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Ater a long battle with ASCAP, Urban Campfires made the painful decision to end our series after 25 years. We appreciate the support of our audience and treasure the friendships we made with musicians from around the world. Please support live music whenever you can.

For Reservations:
call Janet at (210) 824-1068
(please call between 9am and 5:30pm)

-mail for more information

Snail Mail::
P.O. Box 6474
San Antonio, TX 78209

Hosted by

Steve Wood & Janet Hans

Where is Urban Campfires?

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We're Famous! NY Times article and Wired News



For information about our gatherings, suggested donations, and pre-paid reservations, please email us or see the note at the end of the concert Preview.


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  Open to the public
  Potluck dinner
  Reservations are appreciated

Nonsmoking folk music concerts - potluck dinner - intimate atmosphere

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