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 Urban Campfires Hall of Flame

A Albert & Gage

A J Croce


  Allen Shamblin
  Anne Hills
  Anni Clark
  Annie Gallup
B Banded Geckos
  Bernice Lewis
  Beth Galiger
  Betty Elders
Big Wide Grin
  Bob Franke
  Brian Ashley Jones
  Brian Joseph
  Brooks Williams
  Buddy Mondlock
C Carla Ulbrich
  Carol Elliott
Caroline Aiken
  Carrie Newcomer
  Chris Smither
  Christine Albert & Paul Glasse
  Christine Kane
  Christopher Williams
  Chuck Pyle

Cindy Mangsen

Claudia Nygaard

  Cliff Eberhardt
  Cosy Sheridan
Cyd Cassone
D  Dan Schwartz
Dana Cooper 
  Daniels & Meister (opener)
  Darden Smith

David Roth

David Wilcox

  Dave Mallett
  Deirdre Flint
  Dogwood Moon


Drew Nelson

E E Muzeki
Ellis Paul
  Eric Taylor
  Erik (Hokkanen) & Eric (Moll)
Erika Luckett
F Frank Goodman
  Frank Hill
  Fred Koller
G Girls With Guitars
H Hans York
J Jack Saunders
Jack Williams
Jan Krist
  Jana Stanfield

Jim Bizer

John Batdorf

  Jon Ims
  Joseph & Theresa Brunelle
  Jimmy LaFave
Jeffrey Foucault (opener)
K Ken Gaines
  Kevin Welch
L L. J. Booth
  Lowen and Navarro
M Mad Agnes
  Mark Beets (opener)
  Mary Melena

Melissa Javors

Merrie Amsterberg

  Michael Bowers
  Michael Brandon
  Michael Elwood
  Michael Jerling
  Michael McNevin
  Michael Smith

Mickey Cates

Mike Lindauer

  Monk Wilson (opener)

Paul Sanchez (opener)

  Patty Larkin


Peter Keane

Peter Mayer
  Pierce Pettis
R Ray Bonneville
Ray Wylie Hubbard
  Rex Foster
Ruthie Foster

Sarah Hickman


  Shake Russell

Scott and Michelle Dalziel

Shane Jackman

Siobhan Quinn
  Sisters Morales
  Slaid Cleaves
Sloan Wainwright
  Small Potatoes
  Sophie Raymond
  Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart
  Steve Gillette
  Steve Key
  Steve Seskin
T Terri Hendrix
  The Billys
The Bluehouse
  The Kennedys

Tim Henderson

Tish Hinojosa

Tom Gruning
  Tom Frost (opener)
  Tom Kimmel
  Tom Prasada Rao
  Trout Fishing in America
V Vance Gilbert
  Vince Bell
W Walter Hyatt

Women in the Round

Will Taylor and Strings Attached

  Willy Porter
Z ZoŽ Lewis

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This is by no means an exhaustive listing of past Urban Campfires performers.
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